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The Herring Gull is the most common gull found in the US, and is in just about every sea area from Florida to Alaska. Larus aargentatus is around 25" long and has a wingspan of almost 60".

As a child the herring gull is brown with scale-like patterns, and almost looks like a different kind of bird. But this is just a young herring gull. The mouth has a black stripe across it at this point. Note that you can click on all images below to get a larger version.

Herring Gull - youth

Herring Gull - youth

As an adult, the herring gull is white with grey wings, a red spot on the lower beak, and black back feathers. Its legs are pale tan.

Herring Gull - adult

Herring Gull on rock

The photos on this page were all taken by Lisa Shea in Rhode Island.

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