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Flickers do occasionally come by my suet feeder, but itīs pretty rare and theyīre extremely shy. I donīt have many good pictures of these birds.

The Northern Flicker, Colaptes auratus is around 12.5" long and is a woodpecker. It hangs easily on the sides of trees. It has a tan back with black stripes, and a light beige chest with black spots. The male has a red spot on the back of his head.

The flicker tends to call out with a kwikkwikkwik long song. Besides the suet, Iīve also seen these at the back seed feeders, on the ground below them.


There are two varieties of the northern flicker. The red-shafted has salmon colored underwings, while the yellow-shafted has yellow underwings. The yellow-shafted flicker is the state bird of Alabama.

The flicker is a very shy bird and races off at the mere thought of noise.


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