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The Mourning Dove, or Zenaida macroura, is a bird common throughout much of North America. Its name comes from its drab, grey colors and sad song. This largish bird is usually around a foot long and eats seeds by pecking at the ground. It likes to travel in small flocks.

Itīs call, an ooooOOOOoooo, ooo oooo, is a soft cooing noise that some birders sometimes think is an owl.

We call them īstealth dovesī in our yard. Many times you can look out, not see any birds, and then suddenly realize there are a bunch of mourning doves lurking in the grass.

Note that pigeons and doves are members of the same bird family. All of them are "doves". Pigeons are a dove variety known as the Wild Rock Dove. Other family members are the ring-necked dove and the turtle dove.

Can you spot the stealth doves in the image below?

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