Eastern Chipmunk Photos and Information

The Eastern Chipmunk, or Tamias striatus, lives in the eastern half of the US and up through Canada. A common site while birding, chipmunks are quite friendly and are quite happy with humans nearby. Chimpunks can even sound like a bird! They make a chip-chip-chip light call which can easily be mistaken for the call of a small bird.

Chipmunks love to eat seed and will often hang around feeders. They will let you get quite close before scampering away. They spend all summer gathering up seeds and nuts for their den. Then in the winter they hang out there, cozy and warm, sleeping most of the time and waking up occasionally for a snack.

Here are two short MPG videos of the chipmunk in the top 2 photos. You can see it sitting on the bench of the table. It is "chip-chip-chip"ping its fool head off!

Chipmunk Video (3.8mb MPG)
Chipmunk Video (637k MPG)

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