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Chickadees are perhaps one of the friendliest birds in the US. They can easily be trained to come down and eat seed from your hands, and love both mixed seed and sunflower seeds. Theyīll even nibble on thistle or suet if itīs made available.

black capped chickadee

There are several types of chickadees in the US. The Black-Capped Chickadee, Parus atricapillus is a small bird with a black cap and greyish back. It sings dee-dee-dee-dee on one note, or sometimes feee-beee with a high-low pattern. This one can be found in the northern half of the US. All photos on this page are of the black-capped chickadee.

The Carolina Chickadee, Parus carolinensis, is found from the Missouri latitude down through Florida. It looks much like the black capped, although itīs a bit smaller and there isnīt any white on its wings.

The third chickadee found in the US is the Boreal Chickadee, or Parus hdsonicus. This one is found in pine forests across Alaska, Canada, and the northern parts of New England. It has a brown cap and wings instead of black and grey, and has a slower call.

black capped chickadee

black capped chickadee
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