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The Canadian Goose, or Branta canadensis is a large goose with a black head and neck, white stripe on the side of the head, and brown feathers. The tip of the tail and feet are black. It lives in just about the entire North American continent and in some areas is even considered a menace. It's amazing to think that back in the 60s, Canadian Geese were considered endangered.

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Banding of Canadian Geese
Basic Canadian Geese Information
Behavior of Canadian Geese
Canadian Geese or Canada Geese?
Desktop Images of Canadian Geese
Deterrents of Canadian Geese
Down from Canadian Geese
Feeding Canadian Geese
Gifts with Canadian Geese Themes
Jigsaw Puzzle of Canadian Goose
Migration of Canadian Geese
Migration Map for Canadian Geese
Nest Information for Canadian Geese
Photos - Flock
Photos - Single
Picture Information for Canadian Geese
Predators of the Canadian Goose
V Formation of Goose Migration

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