Seven Diners Seven Nights

An Aspie Girl in Massachusetts

An Aspie Girl in Massachusetts Willow and Nathan are meeting her stepfather for brunch at a diner in Shrewsbury. But it's the group at the booth behind them which needs some assistance ...

* * *

Seven Diners, Seven Nights is the seventh book in the Diner Short Story Mysteries series. These short stories are about 15-20 pages each and feature authentic diners around Massachusetts. Author Lisa Shea goes to each diner personally to write up its sights, sounds, and aromas. That way you, the reader, can take a virtual vacation to these historic locations! Visit Lisa's webpages to see photos and write-ups of the diners. All of the Diner Mystery series contain no violence, no swearing, and no intimacy, so they are suitable for teens and up.

You can read the books one-by-one as they are released, or you can wait for the boxed sets to be published once the series gets enough books in it. It's your choice! I try to write them right after I visit, so that's why there are sometimes gaps in the release schedule. It's not always easy to get to a diner when they're open!

A portion of all proceeds benefits battered women's shelters.

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