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Plastic Camera Basics
Holgas may be made mostly of plastic, but they're sturdy, reliable, and can outlast many other cameras through years of dropping, travel, hiking, biking, and plain old enjoying the moment. They can shoot both 120 and 35mm film - and they can create those oh-so-wonderful "over the sprocket" images.

Make the World Better
Cyanotypes are amazingly fun works of art which can be made by pretty much any age group. Whether you're six or one-hundred-and-six, there'a cyanotype style for you! It can be incredibly simple, for beginners, or beautifully complex, as you develop skills.

Anna Atkins and Cyanotypes
Anna Atkins is hailed by many as the first woman photographer, primarily due to her work with cyanotypes and photograms. She forged a path in both scientific and artistic fields in a time when most women couldn’t vote or go to college.

Art Shows - How to Find, Enter, and Win an Art Show!
Are you enjoying photography with your new iPhone or smartphone? Have you been exploring the world of watercolors, acrylics, or oil paintings? Maybe you're drawn to the more obscure areas of cyanotypes or monoprints? Whatever it is you enjoy, it's time to consider the next level - entering your works in art shows!

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